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December 2, 2009 at 4:57 am (Uncategorized)

For those of us with kiddos that have urinary diversions (vesicostomy in our case) you know that it’s always a struggle to keep our little ones dry.  We’re always trying to come up with a new and more creative way to diaper.  So I figured I would pass along the things that seem to be working for us right now.

We still use a size 4T pull-up with a small diaper turned inside out and tucked in the front over the stoma.  It’s not ideal, but it seems to be the best thing that we’ve been able to find.  We have discovered a few things throughout our journey that make keeping her dry and comfortable a little easier.

The summer isn’t too bad for us.  Lizzie can wear dresses, and as long as we change her diaper frequently, she stays dry.  Winters are a lot more difficult.  For one, pants have never been a good option for Lizzie because of her stoma.  We just can never keep her dry and comfortable in them.  Things just don’t stay in place very well.  Dresses haven’t been a good option either because tights have the same effect, and without them she freezes her little legs off.  When she was little we just kept her in one piece outfits.  That begins to get a LOT more difficult once you get out of the 2T range.  You can sometimes find a few 3T-4T, but they are VERY limited other than overalls.  Lucky for us we live in the country, so we do a lot of overalls.  lol!  Even better yet, we found a workable solution!

These are the Baby Legwarmers I made for Lizzie!

Baby Legs!  They are fabulous, and even better they are super simple to make if you don’t want to shell out a bunch of cash to buy them.   Basically they are leg warmers.  They look like tights/leggings, but they stop at the thigh which makes them perfect for Lizzie.  Now she can wear dresses without freezing to death, and diaper changes are super easy because you don’t have to take off shoes and tights.  You can just pull the pull-ups up over the shoes and baby legs!  So much easier than overalls! And I used women’s knee socks to make them, so they only cost $1-$3 to make!  Here’s the tutorial I used to make mine.

Our next exciting new find has yet to be fully tested, but we are hopeful.  As I’m sure many of you may know, night time is the most difficult time to keep our kiddos dry.  For one Lizzie drinks a lot at bed time, and we try not to limit her water intake  too much because of her constipation issues.  We discourage late night drinks, but we don’t limit them  if she insists.  Sometimes that makes for a very wet night.  Once Lizzie wakes up wet, it’s often hard to get her back to sleep.  As long as her pajamas stay dry, she usually does ok.  So we had some custom cloth diapers made for Lizzie (which I’m hoping to get over the Holidays!).  They are higher in the abdomen area and have really absorbent inserts that velcro into the front.  They also velcro across the front to adjust the sides, so we are able to keep them really tight.  The outside is made of a waterproof material that will help keep the pjs dry.  We’re hoping it works, especially now that it is getting cold at night.  When I get them, I’ll be sure and post pics and let you know how they are working out.  I wish we could use them all the time, but with a constantly draining stoma, it just doesn’t seem doable.  I am considering going back to cloth inserts for her pull-up, but I think that is as cloth as I can get right now.

The last recent finding is fold down pants.  They are the stretchy knit pants that fold at the waist (like this, only in a smaller size).  Instead of folding them down, we keep them pulled up so that they come higher than her pull-up.  It has actually worked pretty well in keeping everything in place too, which is a bonus.  Again, as long as we keep her changed often, we can keep her pretty dry.  She still has the “lump” at her abdomen from the little diaper, but a long sweater takes care of that.  Another great thing about them is that Walmart has them for $5 a pair up to 5T!

I know a lot of you are also onesie users, so I thought I would pass along a few other links.  This is a great onesie making tutorial in case anyone wants to try your hand at making them yourself!  And here is a link to onesie extenders so that you can make your 2T’s into 3Ts.  These might also be pretty easy to make!  Here is a link to a site that makes onesies up to 5T.  They are a little pricey, but these can be hard to find sometimes!  fwiw The Children’s Place also makes 3T onesie long sleeve shirts in limited quantities.

If anyone has any other creative diapering ideas, we would LOVE to hear them!  You can leave a comment here, or join us on our message board here.  For more information on what a Vesicostomy is and how to care for them, click here.



  1. Trudi Scott said,

    I don’t have this diaper issue at all. Although Theo has been catheterized he has had a appendicovesticostomy where the appendix is implanted into his bladder to form a tube where I insert a small tube through the stoma and directly into his bladder. This is done 4-5 times a day. He can still void into his nappy, but this way it keeps his bladder quite empty. Obviously causing no risk to his kidneys at all. I have been cathing him now for 4 weeks with this surgery. This operation is totally reversible at any time. We have a fantastic surgeon here in New Zealand. He regularly goes to the states on a pediatric convention to discuss Theo’s case with other surgeons.

    • workjw said,

      So glad to hear that Theo is doing well since his surgery! I guess the difference is that Lizzie has a cutaneous vesicostomy, so we don’t catheterize her at all, her bladder just drains continuously into her diaper. Because of her constipation, we encourage lots of fluids, which means lots and lots of wet diapers! lol! If I am understanding all the doctor said correctly, we did the cutaneous vesicostomy so that we could save the appendix in case we need it later for a mitrofanoff (which I think is the same as an appendicovesicostomy?). Once we reverse this one and have another Deflux injection or reimplant, she will get a mitrofanoff if the infections continue. I didn’t realize that the mitrofanoff was reversible. That’s very encouraging!

  2. Kelly said,

    Hi, I stumbled across your blog while researching a bit about reimplantation failure. I saw that in your October post, you mentioned that you’d soon talk some about what to do when you suspect that it failed, and wondered if you could at least point me in the right direction to find any information online about it. I know sometimes life gets too busy to blog!
    My 3 yr old was diagnosed with VUR around 14 mo. He’d had 4 UTIs (we think it was really 2 severe ones that relapsed, not 4 separate cases. He’d have an infection, take the abx for 10-14 days, go med free for a week and get hit with another one) He was diagnosed in November 2007. we started out with daily abx, then decided to move on to Deflux. The Deflux went well, but around 11 months later we had the VCUG done again and though he’d had no infections, he still had mid-high grade reflux (I know one side was better than the other, I want to say they were 3 and 4 at that time). At that time, we decided to go ahead and go for the reimplantation in May 2009.
    All has seemed well. I noticed for quite a while that he was fully emptying his bladder and no longer trickling off and on after his first attempt at going. Our urologist said that if all seemed well in a year, it was up to us whether to bring him back in for an ultrasound. He wouldn’t do another VCUG without symptoms. His practice moved and we now have to either drive further to see him and have insurance cover it or see him at a closer clinic that doesn’t take our insurance, and he hasn’t had any problems, so we planned not to go back.
    now, in the last couple weeks, I’ve noticed he’ll pee, and then a minute or two later he has to go again. I’m remaining optimistic that he’s just playing around with his bladder control, but of course, know it’s possible that the reflux has returned. Our primary doc has put in the orders for him to get another ultrasound to see if there are any obvious problems or not.
    If all seems well, I debate what we should do next. Ask to go ahead with the VCUG just in case? We don’t want to just let his kidneys continue to be put at risk (the pressure itself is a problem, right? Not just infections?) but i don’t want to subject him to invasive and traumatic tests if they aren’t truly necessary.
    He’ll be 4 in Sept. He’s capable of being pee trained, but constipation (yep, read how that can add to the problems on your blog!) has messed with his poop training, so I keep him in pullups, and he refuses to pee in the potty while wearing pullups!
    I also wonder if the constipation itself is just making it harder for him to fully empty the bladder even if it’s not causing a recurrence in the reflux.
    Anyway, that’s our story, and if you’ve got any info or sites to point us to, we’d appreciate it. Thank you for sharing your story and wealth of information!

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